Pollygone Travel - Australia - Great Barrier Reef.

Polly Pyle established Pollygone Travel in 1994 to assist travelers in planning and booking memorable vacations!  Whether your travel is for rest and relaxation, fun and adventure, exploration of a new culture, celebrating a special occasion, or pursuing a dream, Polly would love to assist you!

Recent trips that Polly has assisted her clients in planning include:

  • A family trip to Australia  with teenagers – seeing the sights, learning about the culture, seeing the unique wildlife
  • An anniversary celebration in Costa Rica
  • A honeymoon in Hawaii
  • A vacation to Thailand for a couple – including visiting Bangkok temples, an elephant camp in the north, and a beautiful beach in the south
  • A family trip to Spain with visits to the museums
  • An intergenerational celebration of an anniversary in Bermuda
  • An Alaskan cruise combined with a visit to Denali National Park
  • An intergenerational trip to Walt Disney World
  • A honeymoon in Tahiti, including a stay on Bora Bora
  • A trip of a lifetime to both Australia and New Zealand

Please contact Polly Pyle to share your travel ideas and dreams: