Pollygone Travel - Polly Pyle in Australia (with a Koala Bear).

Welcome travelers! Polly Pyle established Pollygone Travel in 1994 to assist travelers in planning and booking memorable vacations! This business dream was formed as a result of several experiences:

  • During her high school years, Polly’s family hosted two exchange students during two different years:  one from Australia and one from Sweden.
  • During her college years, Polly worked in a neighbor’s travel agency for summer employment.
  • Polly’s father owned his own business, and she caught the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Polly traveled internationally beginning during her college years and has since  continued!
  • During her first career in information systems consulting, Polly lived and worked in Melbourne, Australia (1979/1980).

In the past eighteen years, Polly has worked with individuals and couples, families and groups in planning worldwide travel.  She offers personal, professional service to her clients, and they return with wonderful memories.  Pollygone Travel has grown through personal referrals from her clients.

Through various tourism organizations, Polly has completed educational programs, specializing in certain destinations, including Australia and New Zealand.  Please see Featured Destinations for more information.

Whether your travel is for rest and relaxation, exploration of a new culture, celebrating a special occasion, or pursuing a dream, Polly would love to assist you!

Please contact Polly Pyle at: